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Join me in my world of sumptuous, sensual and joyous flowers. 

Everything I do comes from my desire to communicate the joy of being alive and in the presence of beautiful flowers on a bright, sunny day. Capturing this ephemeral feeling has led me to paint the fleeting blossoms and present them for others to enjoy every day.

Featured Original Painting

Reverence of Anemones

Is there anything more sumptuous and elegant than imperial purple, pure gold and ephemeral flowers? They are brought together in this piece which glows all year round.

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Things to Own

My original paintings are available to buy and I occasionally accept commissions.

You can also own my flowers in reproduction. Selected images have been printed on a range of items; from things to put on your wall and on your dining table, to things to drape around your neck and put in the post box. My range of reproductions continues to grow as I choose the products I think you will love, the suppliers who will honour the quality we demand and the images to delight.

Anniversary Celebration – Summer Exhibition

Starting with an open day at the Gallery

This Summer I have been in my current studio for 11 years and my neighbour (and collaborator in the West Barn Gallery) has been in business for five years. To celebrate, we are staging a special Summer Exhibition beginning with an open day on Saturday 27th July and continuing through to the end of September.

We would love to welcome you at Great Walsingham Barns between 10am and 6pm and raise a glass to many more happy and successful years to come.

Both in the gallery and online, the updated canvas print range depicting new paintings is now available. Check out the page here

There are also two new greeting cards and 3 new mounted prints added to the range for you to enjoy and send.

I am delighted to report that the second batch ‘No.1’ silk scarves is now available online and in the gallery and that it has been possible to hold the price at the same level as the first batch. I am also planning the painting which will become ‘No.2’. Do let me know if you have any subject you would like to put in a bid for!

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